Quotes The course was very interesting and everything was explained in good detail. (First Aid at Work 2011) Quotes
Diane Paice

Quotes Really enjoyed the course, brilliant teaching which was very informative at the same time. Quotes
Steve Simons

Quotes I really enjoyed the course and I learned a lot of new techniques and I am confident that if I am put in the position to give first aid I would do it in a professional manner. Quotes
Mihaela Iordache

Quotes Interesting and challenging, worth while. I would definitely recommend the trainers and this course to other people. Quotes
Martin Lay

Quotes Very thorough course with good opportunities to participate. Quotes
Trevor Frost

Quotes The course was taught very well and kept my attention the whole way through. Tutors were excellent at teaching and answering any questions. Quotes
Nichola Carroll

Quotes This course has given me a fresh confidence in applying my knowledge in an emergency situation. The tutors were informative, supportive and fun.Any questions asked by me were answered well, demonstrating their knowledge and ability in this subject. Quotes
Lucy Foster

Quotes Very enjoyable course, easy to follow and very friendly teachers. Had a great time-Will be doing the paedeatric one aswell whe nthe next one comes along :) Once againg great course, great teachers, an overall pleasent experience and surroundings to learn 1st aid. they make you feel very at ease even if you do something wrong :) Quotes
Antonia-Louise Dillingham
Childcare Assistant

Quotes Absolutely brilliant trainers! Two fantastic people who made it enjoyable!! Quotes
Michelle Edwards

Quotes Very well run, enjoyable, easy to pick up. Plenty of laughs to get the message across. Would recommend to others. Quotes
Richard Ward
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