Complaints procedure


What to Do

We encourage you to go through these options to resolve your complaint. At any time you can make a written complaint directly to Hearn Training (Option 3)


Option 1 – Self help

Try to resolve the problem yourself by talking directly to your nominated tutor.


Option 2 – Seeking information

Talk to the contact person at Hearn Training (Listed below*) if you:

§   are not sure how to handle the problem yourself

§   want to confidentially seek more information about what to do


Option 3 – Making a written complaint**

Make a written complaint to management if.

§   you have tried to resolve the problem and failed

§   your allegations are very serious

§   your allegations have been denied and you want to substantiate them

§   you want the complaint investigated

§   you have been victimised for complaining


Option 4 – Asking for help elsewhere:

If the complaint has not been resolved internally with a satisfactory outcome for all, you can approach the:

§   Relevant Awarding body for your course (details will be available from Hearn Training)


*  Sharon Hearn 01438 217840 Michael Hearn 07919 893095

**Hearn Training will respond to all formal written complaints within 28 days..

Common Questions and Answers

Are there discounts on block bookings?
 Yes we will negotiate the best deal with more people producing more discounts.
Can we return to you in one, two , three or more years for continued training?  Yes and we will recognise customer loyalty by way of further discounts for return business.
I am qualified by another body, but wish re-qualification, can you do this?
 Yes we can, we will need to see your previous qualification and we will check and refresh your knowledge and issue a new certificate when you pass.
Can I pay in Instalments?
 Only on the Sign Language courses.
There is just me that wishes first aid training is that OK?  While we do not run courses for individuals, we will try to get a minimum number of people together for the course. One to one can only be carried out if a venue is available
 Are the qualifications worth anything really?
 Absolutely, we deliver only accredited qualifications from recognised awarding bodies.
I found the same course cheaper, why should I use you?
 We will strive to price match or beat genuine cheaper prices from competitors as we believe we offer more than just training and an exchange of money for a piece of paper. We believe we offer a professional service which you will want to use again. Hence why we insist on providing the very best in prices and delivery
Can we contact you at any time?

 Yes phone through on 01462 790901 and even if our team is busy teaching a message can be left from which we will return the call. Failing this email on either or will secure a response as soon as possible.

Two mobiles are also available to leave messages on 07905 967240 or

07919 893095 Contact now.

If I did decide to check out the competitors could I come back? We would be sorry to see you leave, but as we keep details for ten years and each student who comes through us is allocated a special unique learner number even for basic courses, you would be welcomed back with all prior attainment to hand, ready to begin again.
I found a training company whose prices are far cheaper than yours?
Be careful for poor providers, or non accredited courses offered by non qualified or insured to teach trainers! We check all our local competitors prices weekly to ensure we remain as realistically priced as possible, we also pride ourselves on employing highly skilled, qualified Teachers as opposed to trainers with little or no qualifications. There may be cheaper courses come up, but I would check what exactly you are getting for the money.
Somebody claims to be from your company offering 'outside' official courses cheaper.

 All our courses have to be confirmed and set up by the senior executive team so any offer of a course 'outside' of our officially set up courses is highly unlikely and suspicious!

All our Teaching staff have a specific uniform and or ID card which should state clearly their nominated teaching number.

If you have any doubts about any course being offered in our name, please contact us immediately on our readily available contact details for clarification. 

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